Dancing Down Memory Lane

One of our days during the Artists’ Residency week, was spent exploring the music that the senior citizen residents “fell in love to”. Songs such as “Younger Than Springtime” and ” Unforgettable” and “Come Rain Or Come Shine” filled the rooms and the hearts of all of us! But, the most memorable moment of that day, for me, was when one of the residents said that she clearly remembered how special she felt in the arms of the one she loved, dancing to the song “Tenderly”. She spoke with such fondness of the song and of the way she felt dancing in the arms of the man she loved.

When the song began to play, it was as if she was transported back in time, and a sweet smile drew across her lips. At that moment, our visiting artist, compelled to make this experience more real for her and moved by her sentiments, reached out for her hand and asked her to dance. She reluctantly took his hand, expressing concern over her steadiness. The artist whispered to her and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve gotcha.”

She stood up, in front of all of her peers and the rest of us, and began to sway back and forth, eventually, burying her head into his chest, closing her eyes and appearing to disappear into the 1950’s somewhere, and as if no one else was around.

With her eyes closed and that sweet smile on her face, I watched as a single tear rolled down the aged cheek of this woman, in her late 80’s/early 90’s, feeling as if she were a 20 year old girl again! It was beautiful!