Welcoming Carlos Casanova to Our Board of Directors

As the Founder and Director for Bridge the Generations, I would like to welcome our newest Board Member, Carlos Casanova!

Carlos and I spoke for the first time several weeks ago at the suggestion of Board Member, Ian Knauer, and I instantly knew that he would be a person who could not only help us accomplish our mission at the Bridge, but also add incredible passion and compassion to the group. I was thrilled when he said “yes” to coming on board!

He comes to us with quite the international background and also a diverse career background that incorporates business skills, market research, molecular research, cancer research, engagement strategies and also a real ability to connect people.

My favorite part of our conversation was when he told me of arriving in Australia from Venezuela. He wanted to learn the English language. He said he would go to the park and purposely sit down next to an older person. He said that the person would always talk, and that even though he couldn’t always understand, this was a good way for him to learn the language.

It served several purposes….it gave the older person someone to talk to while Carlos learned the language. I kept envisioning how happy it must have made the senior citizen, sitting alone on that park bench to have a willing listener, with twinkly eyes come and sit down and take in everything that he or she was saying!

This story he shared with me, has already sparked an idea for Bridge the Generations!

In short, he is extremely smart, extremely talented, and extremely compassionate, and we are so very happy and humbled to have him on board!

Welcome, Carlos!

– Susan Hebbel, Founder & Director, Bridge The Generations